Homes where people are at the centre of everything we do.

Carino Care is an aged care provider formed in 2018 by some of the most experienced aged care executives and managers – veterans in aged care.

Carino Care has four facilities, conveniently located throughout Sydney, providing a safe, secure and home-like environment.

Our Mission is “To enable people to live to their potential, feel valued and have meaningful relationships”. In doing this we actively promote and will maintain high care standards.

Key to our service delivery is partnering with residents and families – being and staying engaged at all times.

Come and visit one of our four Homes located throughout Sydney.

For admission information please call 0455 682 881 or email [email protected].
For all other matters please contact your facility

Strategic Plan 2023-2026 – Click here to Download

The cornerstone of our strategy to become more Consumer-Centred.

Becoming more consumer-centred means:

  • Providing care and services that are designed with the consumer and delivered in a way that meets their individual goals, needs and preferences.
  • Ensuring consumers are placed at the centre of planning, delivering and reviewing their own care.
  • Ensure that we focus on the consumer in all aspects of governance.
  • Meeting our regulatory obligations under the Aged Care Act, Aged Care Quality Standards and the Charter of Aged Care Rights in relation to placing consumers at the centre of care.

In developing the Strategic Plan, we meet with over 60 residents and family members during Consumer Voice to the Board consultations. In addition we consulted widely across our team including through All Staff Meetings.

The four priority issues raised by residents and families (as outlined in the meeting minutes posted in each Home) included:

  • Food and dining experience
  • Consumer consent
  • Consistency of service delivery
  • Lifestyle programs & activities

These 4 items form part of our initial Strategic Programs for 2023. Through our quarterly Consumer Voice consultations we calibrate and update these Programs.
We always welcome your feedback on our Plan. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please email via: [email protected]